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Counting all links on the web is impossible

This week, on Twitter, John Mueller recognized something that, well, was quite clear. There is no human way to count all links on the web. Google what it does are assumptions and inferences (and the rest of the tools, too)

Properly analyze your organic CTR

An interesting article in Moz about the calculation of the CTR and how to avoid the most common errors when suppressing (or reducing) the noise around the data

Google introduces new tags for links

It is the theme of the week within SEO. Here I leave the entries that seem best to me that have dealt with the subject or have dealt with different dimensions of the matter. By the way, in this matter Google has returned to show that attitude of yours regarding SEO that is often difficult to distinguish from the arrogance. He simply says that he will take into account new labels, but at the same time he says that we do not need to change the previous ones, that they put this because they “help them to understand the links better” and that if-that-then -we’ll see. Come on, between little and nothing yet knowing the confusion and the stir would bring (and has brought) the announcement.

SEM / Paid

Google launches the option to optimize by conversion value in manual bidding

Google continues to launch new possibilities for conversion improvement. It seems that improving conversion options is the priority right now for Google.

A script for creating a dashboard for adwords experiments

A very interesting article because of the amount of details it gives us about how to create a dashboard for adwords experiments.


Visualización de datos

What the consumption of plastic bottles means for the planet

This project is a spectacular way to visualize our addiction to plastic. A problem that is fashionable today, but which, even so, we do not deal enough. How many proposals to reduce the use of plastic have we heard after holding about forty casisecond elections?

What makes data visualization elegant

A topic that seems very interesting to me, perhaps because the design part has always cost me more.


Octopus: A tool for web project design

This is not a new tool, but I love it. Simpler than the three in a row, but, hey, for your purpose, it does more than good.

A third thumb

Yes, there are some who are thinking that we are missing fingers and proposes that we put one more thumb in one hand. It seems quite strange to me to have one more thumb above all because, already on, I think they should also put the couple, because of the symmetry. The symmetry of nature likes it a lot, but it seems that transhumanism goes more to its ball.

To give a little variety to the page and without more motivation than being cool, there I leave this.

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