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How to improve conversion thanks to Google ratings

According to Google, local searches have an increasing weight and are already growing above general searches. If we add to that the weight of the ratings when visiting a site we realize that local SEO weighs more and more on an SEO strategy

How improved Google ratings impact conversions

Google chooses your canonical URL based on your site and the UX

Here friend John Mueller explains that the canonicals are very good and thank them for a lot, but that, if necessary, Google will choose what he wants.

The positioning factors in Google for 2019 according to the SEO opinion

A study of Spark Toro quite interesting about how SEO professionals see the evolution of positioning factors. My interpretation (which apparently is in line with most colleagues) is that Google is increasingly narrowing the circle. On the one hand it leaves less room for tricks and, on the other hand, small details will be increasingly relevant.

Google wants to be (also) who recommends series and movies and has created a new format for it

Google is rehearsing a new format so you can tell which movies and series you like and which ones you don’t. At the same time Google has published new structured data for video, but it seems to be a coincidence. Even so, the coincidence demonstrates that in Google the subject of the video worries a lot, perhaps because it is one of the areas in which it has not managed to get (and see that they take the turn with YouTube Premium)

Guide on duplicate content

In Hobo they have created a guide on duplicate content as complete. Exhaustive and well documented, a work.

SEM / Paid

Auditing Google recommendations for ads

The title is somewhat overpromised. It is an article that misses a little more information and, above all, data. However, it is quite interesting in order to discriminate between the dozens of recommendations from Google.

Visualización de datos

The days when Trump tweets lower the stock market

This is probably not a post to hang in the visualization section, moreover, this may be a good example of how correlation and causality are two things that should be separated very well. But who resists such a headline …

Infographics of the newspaper El Mercurio

Nor is it a novelty, but the newspaper El Mercurio has ordered all its infographics in one direction. Some are quite striking and it is a good place to be inspired.


This Android costs 1,250 euros and is the first to have coverage on virtually the entire planet thanks to a satellite network

In case you have coverage problems and you want to think about it, here is a Thuraya mobile phone that reminds you of “slow and efficient as a truck going up a hill”

Google CRO course

Surely it is not a course that will change your life. but it is interesting to see how Google has enough interest in mobile page optimization (which is what the course is about) to devote efforts to evangelize on the issue. If I say that it may not change your life, it is not because the course is badly done, but it is quite basic and you can not say that it is an introduction to the CRO. However, it has its interest.

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