Information and articles related to search engine optimization. Of course, we will talk a lot about Google (which is the one in charge) but we will also take time to talk a little about international SEO, to talk about other search engines (and not only generic search engines, also from Youtube, Amazon or search engines in RRSS) and , of course, about internal search engines.

Discrepancies in GSC around Queries

I recently participated in a discussion with colleagues about Google Search Console. In fact, the conversation was about Looker Studio and how we could leverage the information we extracted from Google Search Console with the Looker connector. However, as is…

los mejores easter eggs de google

Several (but not all) Google’s easter eggs

It is well known that there are two things in life that are certain: death and taxes. People who work in SEO enjoy the privilege of adding two extra certainties to existence: the algorithm change during the summer and that…