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Excel Formulas for SEOs: Extracting URL Strings

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We have all been building our little recipe books for Excel. Here Fiona Soum proposes a couple of formulas to clean url. Some are quite ingenious and sure that Excel freaks will find interesting ideas. Of course, some are somewhat extravagant solutions for tasks that, perhaps, can be solved more quickly with a couple of filters

FAQ, HowTo, and Q&A: Using New Schema Types to Create Interactive Rich Results

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A fairly detailed article about the new schemas available (and also about why we should not go crazy with these or those we already had to play)

Google begins penalizing domain leasing

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It is not the most interesting article of the week, but it is relevant news, because leasing domain has been gaining adherents in recent months. Now Google has decided that the strategy does not like and can not be said to surprise us.

SEM / Paid

How AMP technology can improve your mail campaingns

The truth is that the AMP project had a promising start. It came with a lot of noise and, maybe that’s why it disappointed many. But the project continues to progress and, little by little, new features and improvements have been incorporated. In fact, this week Google has announced that Custom Js could be used in AMP. So, if you dedicate yourself to mail marketing and want to give an opportunity or second chance to the MPAs, you may find it interesting

Never go over budget again with this advanced Google Ads Script

I don’t know about you, but my eyes always light up when I read the word scripts. This one is quite ingenious, simple to use and it sure helps more than one. If you wear PPC, check it out.

Visualización de datos

Why autors don’t visualize uncertainty

A paper on a topic that should be discussed more: the fact that the predictions derived from the analyzes reflect probabilities, and not certainties.

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