Miguel Carreira López

Miguel Carreira López

I have been working in web analytics and SEO for ten years. I believe that there is nothing that can be said about the traffic of a website that can't be better explained with a graph. I work mostly with Google tools (GSC, Looker, Analytics) but there is life beyond that. In my spare time I write about books at https://www.enestadocritico.com/.

Discrepancies in GSC around Queries

I recently participated in a discussion with colleagues about Google Search Console. In fact, the conversation was about Looker Studio and how we could leverage the information we extracted from Google Search Console with the Looker connector. However, as is…

Posts of the week #4

0 Posts This week I have found, perhaps, less interesting articles than in previous weeks, but some of the ones I have found have caught my attention. Many articles are at that exact point between the tutorial (which explains steps,…